H i s t o r y

The Prádio family offers a very special place to stay in a charming surrounding. A real rural experience…

The grandparents: Juan and María as well as Segundo and Marina. The modest families were always bound to their work on the farm (in the garden, in the vineyards and with animals…). They worked as millers, bakers, cooks and carpenters in the Basque Country and Switzerland with the goal of improving their family’s situation.

The parents: Manuel and Carmen used their grandparent’s work to further improve their family’s situation. In 2000, this led to the foundation of Fazenda Prádio, a project which strives to value the environment and it’s wine-culture.

The children: Martina and Xabi share the enthusiasm for their family’s project. They continue to expand Fazenda Prádio, with a rural hotel, restaurants and gardens to keep the family’s philosophy alive.

The friends: Boris and Carmen take care of the environmental work as well as the residence.

The animals: As our psychologists, they support us every day with their care and work…