Winery and Vineyards

Fazenda Prádio can be found at Ribeira Sacra, O Pacio de Carracedo, A Peroxa. Fazenda Prádio has 10 hectares of land located close to the Miño river. Surrounding the winery there are 5 hectares of vineyard on terraces with 10.000 indigenous grapes. Mencía, Merenzao and Brancellao for red wines and Loureira and Dona Branca for white wines.

The vineyard faces south, south-east at an altitude of 500 meters on granite soil, providing a yield of 1.5 kg / grapevine or 3,000 kg / hectare. The agriculture is sustainable to respect the environment, the grapevines and the earth. The objectives are the health and quality of the grapes.

The variety is made through manual stirring, taking advantage of gravity. No additional baking powder, bacteria, aromas or tannins are added. Acidity levels are not modified. The wines are finished in oak barrels. Sulfur in low concentrations are added before bottling.

We organize guided tours of the wine cellar and the vineyards with wine tastings.